Horse riding lessons, jumping training and equine-assisted therapy. As well as a horse racing programme, farmers’ markets, children’s programmes and other events are also organised here.



A wide annual race schedule featuring vehicles ranging from touring cars to trucks is on offer. The complex can be hired for corporate events.



A water park with water slides and a heated swimming pool. The complex also includes saunas, aroma saunas and a steam room, while minigolf is also available.



The history of the Most Municipal Theatre dates back to 1911. Due to the demolition of the entire town, a new building with many original features was built in the 1980s. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Cascade. A second building also belongs to the theatre – Divadlo rozmanitosti (Variety Theatre) aimed primarily at children and puppet shows.

Sports Hall

A large and small sports hall for ball games with a grandstand, big screen, air conditioning. A boxing ring, gymnastics hall, fencing hall, table tennis, a gym and sauna are available. The sports arenas and halls can be hired regularly or on a one-off basis.


Fláje Dam

The reservoir takes its name from the flooded village of Fláje. It was built between 1954 and 1963 to supply the area with drinking water. Height 47.5 m, length 459 m, width 8 m. The dam holds back 22.4 million m3 of water. The submerged area covers 149 ha and its maximum depth is 57 m.


Hněvín Castle

This original 12th-century castle, renovated in the 19th century, offers spectacular views of the surroundings, and refreshments in the castle restaurant.


Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

To make way for lignite mining, in the 1970s, this 14th-century early Gothic church was relocated in unique fashion. Today it serves as a tour destination. Concerts are organised here, and it also offers a restaurant with Czech and international cuisine.

Golf Course

The golf course was built in 1993 on recultivated countryside just a 5-minute drive from the Most town centre. A clubhouse with refreshments, a pro-shop, driving range, putting and chipping green, practice hole, club hire and car park are available. Coaching services are provided. In wintertime you can take part in indoor activities.

Jezeří Castle

Jezeří Castle is a category one heritage landmark, unique not only for its outstanding artistic and architectural value, but also for its troubled fate, extraordinarily beautiful location and its significance for current and future development and shaping of life in the Ore Mountain region.


Korozluky Castle

The dominant feature of the Korozluky district is its castle offering tours of its interior, church ceremonies, cultural and social events, vernissages, concerts, summer theatre, tours of the castle grounds with deer and fallow deer, rides in historic carriages, tours of historic vehicles and wedding ceremonies.

Off-road Safari

Expeditions of the industrial and virgin countryside of North-West Bohemia. Take in the enchanting Ore Mountains interwoven with galleries, the tertiary volcanoes of the Bohemian Uplands, the stratovolcano of the Doupov Mountains, and among all this, the Most Coal Basin full of enormous opencast mines and chemical industry facilities.

Zoopark Chomutov

160 animal species are on display in this park measuring 112 ha. The complex offers the Safari Express and a children’s playground. Around the park you will also find free-range animals which you can feed.


Klíny Sports Complex

The Klíny Sports Complex in the Ore Mountains is suitable for both summer and winter activities. You will find a rope park, a bike park, all-terrain scooters, a tennis court, an outdoor climbing wall and children’s playgrounds. The region offers excellent trails for runners and cyclists.


Osek Cistercian Monastery

The Osek Cistercian Monastery, built around 1206, is located approximately 15 minutes outside of Most. The restoration of the monastery brewery is a part of the revitalisation of the monastery, which is divided into a number of stages.


Ossegg Brewery

The tradition of brewing beer directly in the grounds of the Osek Cistercian Monastery has been restored and beer is once again being brewed under the traditional name OSSEGG – Cistercian Abbey beer. You will find the brewery in one of the outbuildings built directly on the Osek Monastery grounds.

Osek 3D Labyrinth

A rope park with two routes with a total length of 110 metres located in the immediate vicinity of the Osek outdoor swimming pool. The 3D labyrinth can hold up to 110 visitors at once. The labyrinth contains 8 rope obstacles, 6 footbridges, a spiral access staircase and two transfer walkways allowing visitors to move safely between the park’s individual levels.